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Sterling Silver High Polish Curb W. 2 Dragon Head Bracelet
5TB088 (A6)
925 Sterling Silver Princess CZ Bracelet
5MB512 (FF3)
925 Silver Black Princess & Clear Round CZ Bracelet
5MB531 (FF3)
Discount $64.04 $54.95
Sterling Silver Black & White Baguette CZ Bracelet
.925 Sterling Silver Black Princess & White Round CZ Bracelet
.925 Sterling Silver Black Baguette & Round CZ Bracelet
925 Sterling Silver 7 Lines Cubic Zirconia Bracelet
Discount $115.92 $93.95
Sterling Silver Skull & Crown High Polish Men's Bracelet
925 Silver Yellow Baguette & Clear Round CZ Men Bracelet
Discount $76.55 $65.25
925 Silver Black Baguett & Clear Round CZ Men's Bracelet
Discount $92.56 $81.95
925 Silver Yellow Baguett & Clear Round CZ Men Bracelet
Discount $92.56 $81.95
925 Silver Baguette & Round CZ Men Bracelet
5MB559 (FF3)
Discount $90.99 $78.50
925 Sterling Silver Invisible Black CZ Men Bracelet
925 Silver Invisible Princess Yellow CZ Men Bracelet
Discount $112.25 $58.95
925 Silver 7mm Yellow & Clear CZ Bezel Men's Bracelet
Sterling Silver Canary Yellow & White Cubic Zirconia Bracelet
925 Sterling Silver Bezel Canary Yellow & Clear CZ Bracelet
.925 Sterling Silver Dark Blue CZ Bracelet
Sterling Silver Simulate Emerald & Baguette CZ Bracelet
Sterling Silver Garnet Red & Baguette CZ Bracelet
925 Sterling Silver 3 Lines Princess CZ Men Bracelet
Sterling Silver Canary Baguette CZ Bracelet
Sterling Silver Baguette CZ Men Hip Hop Bracelet
.925 Sterling Silver Round & Princess CZ Men Bracelet
.925 Sterling Silver Round & Princess CZ Men Bracelet
.925 Sterling Silver Invisible Yellow CZ Bracelet
.925 Sterling Silver Invisible Sapphire Blue CZ Men Bracelet
Sterling Silver Canary Yellow Cubic Zirconia Bracelet
5MB523 (FF3)
.925 Sterling Silver CZ Aquamarine Bracelet
925 Silver 7mm Bezel Blue & Clear CZ Bracelet
925 Sterling Silver Bezel Blue & Clear CZ Bracelet
5MB546 (FF3)
925 Sterling Silver Bezel Blue & Clear CZ Bracelet
5MB545 (FF3)
.925 Sterling Silver Invisible CZ  Men Bracelet
5MB540 (FF3)
925 Silver Bubble Bezel Cubic Zirconia Bracelet
925 Sterling Silver Baguett & Round CZ Men Bracelet
5MB537 (FF3)
(Total items: 35)

Hip hop has spawned a new generation of hot styles. The influence of hip hop has penetrated many areas of our society, including the world of jewelry. We carry many different styles of hip hop jewelry, including an exciting line of handcrafted CZ hip hop bracelets. Our variety of hip hop bracelets is wide, ranging from the more basic styles to the heavily iced bling bling designs. We specialize in hip hop bracelets, always offering the latest and highest quality versions.

Celebrity hip hop rap stars are adorning these hip hop gold and sterling silver bracelets in many popular videos and movies. The hip hop jewelry industry has followed closely producing numerous hip hop gold bracelets, hip hop pendants and hip hop earrings. We carry designs of the most popular sterling silver hip hop bracelets with cubic zirconia stones.

What’s great about our hip hop bracelets is that they are made with the best quality silver and high quality craftsmanship, which gives them a similar look to white gold bracelets. There is no doubt that our hip hop bracelets will compliment any hip hop gear. Our cubic zirconia stones are truly brilliant jewels from Russia where the best CZ stones are produced.

We are proud to offer a unique line of real hip hop gear. Wearing one of our hip hop bracelets will surely draw attention as the ice glimmers off your wrist. Bling jewelry is designed to create the most buzz and excitement in the tradition of expressing one’s self and representing the true hip hop.